Cracked City comes from a desire to document this weird, freaky, lil city of Christchurch at this incredible time of change and transition. City ambassador and guide, without the typical cliquey, sponsored, chummy, crap that can be far too prevalent in this place.

Just what’s good, happening, what to see, where to go, what to eat…or not.

Fast, rough, ready, real. No pretension. No bullshit.

It’s a Scene-Zine.

Cos all underdogs need a voice. Whether they’re people or cities.

Bonjela has been here though it all, and is sick of people bitching that there’s nothing good to do here, and the same old cool-kids, and the same old money, with the right friends, and contacts, getting to be the voice of it all.

She is passionate and here to represent the mis-shapes, loners, the awkward and different. The beauty of being a social-island? You don’t owe anyone anything.

Want to contribute, got a hot tip, event or thing you want covered on the zine?

Email Bonjela at: crackedcitynz@gmail.com

Instagram: @cracked_city

OH HEY, all words and views expressed on Cracked City are my own and not a representation of employers or any other organisations, or I am associated with.

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