I thought about going to a bunch of random places and reviewing the meh and the bad, alongside the good. But then I thought ‘why bother going out of my way with all that mediocrity when I already know what’s good’. I’m gonna try new places, on my travels, of course, but I should just start with showering the GREAT-WONDERFUL-DELICIOUS places all the love, and promotion, cos they deserve it, it’s nice to be nice, and share the best. And since, several of you have been asking for MORE FOOD POSTS (thank you!), here we go!

Today I am sharing with you another one of my ALL-TIME-ULTIMATE-WOW-FAVOURITE-CRACKED-CITY-NOM-GEMS: The Rolling Om.

Now, unless you work in the Arts Centre / Council /Museum side of town (idk are still calling it the West End? Or Cultural Precinct?) it’s possible you do not know of not have tried the Rolling Om, and well that’s where i come in – to grab that stupid, beige AF, Pita Pit, wrap out of your hands, and to drag you to the really good stuff that you should be eating and spending your hard earned dosh on instead.

It’s a hidden treasure, this one.

The Rolling Om food truck, whilst making the occasional appearances at outside events and festivals, is based at the Arts Centre in Market Square on Worcester Boulevard (behind the Boys’ High Building, where Rollickin Gelato is).

The Rolling Om is small and humble but very bloody mighty and great.

I love the Om’s Lo-fi muted exterior, with it’s hand painted sign, and cactus and Buddha adorned counter. It’s always something of a comfort to go to.

Sam, who owns and operates the Rolling Om is pretty much the nicest, most friendly, person you’re ever going to meet. You can literally see him smile at you from 30metres away as you enter the square.

His menu is compact but executed to perfection – offering mainly several wraps, a burger and sometimes in winter a curry. It’s all cooked on the spot for you, fresh, and he’s so accommodating for your dietary needs and wants.

The first time I went I couldn’t decide between the two vegetarian options (black beans and kumara vs. avocado and feta) so Sam made me a mixture of both and now he just makes it for me every single time, without me even needing to ask, like my very own Bonjela Special.

The wraps have the absolute perfect ratio of fillings, to sauce, to wrap (it’s all about those ratios!). They are never greasy, or leave you feeling gross, bloated, or covered in drippy stuff. Just fresh, oozing with tastiness and makes you feel like some kind of luxury-health-person. Sam even toasts the wraps once he’s made it up, and oh my goodness, it just elevates it all to levels of crispy, warm, bliss. All for $12!

When you’ve got your wrap, well you can go sit around the any of the many swoony spots at the Arts Centre (picnic tables, canopies, quads, it’s like being in Dead Poets Society round there) or you could wander to the gardens, the river – nature is your best friend (hot tip: keep a picnic blanket under your desk at work, take it out with you at lunchtime to a nice green space, and have a Wrap-n-Nap lunch session under some shady tree – why yes, I do know how to live my best life, thank you very much).

I tried another vegetarian wrap from a different mobile vendor, across town, the other week (I’m not proud of this, but wanted to do it for market research) and I can confirm that as soon as I took a bite, despite it being FINE, it was no Rolling Om and I instantly regretted this choice.

Honey, you’re better than FINE, you deserve THE VERY BEST.

So go to the Rolling Om, get the wrap that you deserve, be happy.

Now go forth and may your sunny summer lunchtimes be filled with nothing but fresh, crispy, kumara and feta wraps on grassy plush lawns, and picnic blankets. Say hi to Sam. Make friends with Sam. Tell him I sent you.

– Bonjela







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