HEAR: TINY RUINS – 18.10.18

I thought I knew more about Tiny Ruins than I actually did.

Just how I always think I go to more gigs at Blue Smoke that I can actually do.

Should really get around to fixing both of those things.

I really like Blue Smoke as a venue. It’s one of the best in town (okay, yes, I admit that I say that like we have hundreds, but we do have a nice lil fistful). They have a great mix of shows all time. No fuss (but still nice toilets). Good beer. Fairy lights on the roof. A lovely long wooden bar, and floor, like you get in America. It’s my vibe.

But I’m guilty of being very much a CBD dweller who likes the option to walk, or get a $6 Uber home on an evening, so maybe I use distance as as excuse to not go all the time. By distance, I mean, like 8km. Whoah, I know.

I also always end up wishing that the venue was 5m wider and 10m shorter, cos it’s very easy to get trapped way at the back of the room behind groups of people who I’d call Bev and Tony who I assume have paid for a ticket, but seem to have zero interest in the gig, who just sit on stools, at the centre tables, drinking mini bottles of sparkling wine, and talking way too loud about their daughters wedding or something. Last night one of them had an ornamental lace fan she kept waving, and elbowing me with. I shot her a death stare and eventually surrendered my spot.

But I also think I’m still just a bit bitter cos I got stuck in this exact same spot for a Marlon Williams show last year and could not see him AT ALL and I was very upset to not get a nice views my appointed Official Boyfriend of Cracked City.

Luckily when gigs that aren’t too packed out you can slide on in through to the front of the stage very easily, especially when you’re by yourself (a true perk of being alone) and get a very good view. Which is what I did at this.

Yeah so, like I said, I thought I knew Tiny Ruins, the music, some songs. Turns out I didn’t. I must have been thinking of someone else. But I had a very lovely time and now I DO know their music and will be getting to know it much better.

The band are all very cool. Very Art School-90’s-chic.

They were all wearing black, lace up, Doc Marten shoes (something the cool young  kids all have, whilst I’m firmly embedded in my third consecutive pair of cherry 1460’s…are boots not a thing anymore? Am I sounding very old here? Why am I even asking?), velvety grungy dresses, nonchalant hair in that cool ‘just rolled in like this no effort was made’ way, all in muted tones of black and greys, and floral prints. I developed crushes on every member of the band. Always the sign of a good act, imo.

We were told that Cass, the cute bass player, is named after the station in the Rita Angus painting. That kind of trivia is good to have up your sleeve for parties when you meet someone too hip for you, but you decide to give conversation a crack anyway, cos you’re three gins deep, and they ask how your week has been and you go ‘oh, yeah, good, I went to the Tiny Ruins gig’ thinking that’ll be enough to get you through and pass, but then they start going on about Tiny Ruins and their early EP’s and bootlegs, and that time they saw them in Berlin and you now have no idea what they’re on about so you can just go ‘DIS YOU KNOW CASS IS NAMED AFTER THE PAINTING?’ And you never know, they might be impressed and think you too are a lifelong fan, despite that trivia being something that was only picked up in the gig. But then knowing my luck I’d end up dating that person for 1 to 3 years and the entire relationship is based on this feigned fandom. Then it’s all so awkward like an episode of Curb, and the truth finally comes out at a crowded airport check in counter in Cyprus and wow that’s a whole other story… but hey I think that’s a risk we should be willing to take in life and the quest for PASSABLE COOLNESS and 12-18 MONTHS OF HAPPINESS BEFORE IT ALL DECLINES.

Anyway. I digress.

Tiny Ruins were sweet and cool and lovely and so talented and clever. I got to stand at the front, my feet didn’t get sore, and it was all over by 11pm which is a good effort, whilst also being home for a semi decent hour, on a Thursday night.

Here’s my now-traditional outfit toilet selfie from the night. Way TOO MUCH. Too much EFFORT. Too much PUNK for this mellow hip-kid scene, but this Bonjela does what she wants. Besides I don’t own any black Doc Marten shoes…

Tiny Ruins has a new song, Olympic Girls, which just got released today.

And the new album is out in February.

As I write this, Olympic Girls just got played on BBC6. I feel very smug at that. See,  rather than listening to all the great acts and live gigs coming out of London, for once, lil old me, in Cracked City, at the end of the world, gets to feel incredibly smug that *I* got to see the hot young band that they are talking about.

See, Cracked City can deliver and keep up, sometimes.

– Bonjela x





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