Seaside Vintage in New Brighton was a place I’d long heard the legend of but never made it to until about 6 months ago.

A combination of tricky opening hours (not actually tricky, just me being lazy/ forgetful), and then it being tricky to find (not actually tricky, just me being lazy/ dumb), meant that it was a shop that lived on in local folklore, so often excitedly spoke in my wider circles, but remained elusive to me.

Go on a Saturday morning, when the delightful outdoor market is on. Bring your eco bags and coffee cup. Get your weekend bread and veg. Buy a coffee. Breathe in that sea air and say ‘I REALLY MUST COME HERE MORE OFTEN WHY DON’T I COME HERE MORE OFTEN THIS IS GREAT I REALLY MUST DO THIS MORE OFTEN’. Then when you’re done vintage hunting take yourself for lunch in one of Brighton’s many MANY great eateries and cafes (that’s a WHOLE other set of posts, trust me).

With their amazing street art and murals that are literally spilling everywhere, eclectic crowds, jumble of strange and curious shops (some I remember being there back in the mid-90’s), huge bright blue sky, that slightly faded, tired, ambiance that is always inevitable with seaside retail precincts, huge splayed palm trees, bunting strewn promenade, fortune tellers and live music…well it all gives the place a real Venice Beach feel on these Saturday mornings (We as a city overlook New Brighton far too much, but it truly has got those Venice vibes, another one of my all time favourite places…).

There’s no shortage of vintage and second hand shopping in New Brighton, if that’s your bag, and that’s why I recommend you make a day of it, there’s literally 5 or 6 stores within 200m of each other. Apart from Woolston, and patches of Sydenham, this really is where you need to be heading if you’re wondering where to put your thrifting efforts.

Seaside Vintage is pretty much my idea of a perfect secondhand store. It’s superbly curated and sorted into genres, or sections – clothing, haberdashery, kitchenware, picnic-wares, pottery, kids etc. so if you’re after something specific and time short you can hone right on in to what you’re after.

Plus the curated nature means that everything is excellent quality and you save a lot of time not having to push though mountains of crap, getting bloody disheartened in the process. But at the same time, there’s still plenty of goods in there, and the displays and beautifully layered, meaning that they have lots of nooks to explore, poking around and rummaging to be had – which is the fun of it all, isn’t it?

I particularly enjoy the cabinets and drawers of old sewing supplies and fabrics, so many old buttons, trims, patterns, and sewing tools, that you could spend hours going through them.

Everything is genuine vintage – mainly from the 1950’s-80’s and focuses on the retro and slightly kitsch which keeps things wonderfully fun, playful and… AFFORDABLE! Yes, pals! This is a high quality vintage store, in 2018, where it’s still possible to get things for under $5. In fact, there are so many things are under the $10 mark! Such a rarity, and is probably thanks to the shop being tucked away in Brighton.

Today I set myself a budget of $20 to spend and came away with:

– Floral red and white enamel bowl – $6

– Kitchy illustrated carrot chopping board – $5

– Wicker shopping basket (not pictured) – $5

And to make up my $20, I got four chintz-tastic cocktail swizzlers, at $1 each. Perfect for making the ol’ Summer G&T feel particularly fancy & fun.

I was bloody chuffed, and it’s a great feeling to have a nice half hour sorting and sifting through beautiful, affordable, unique things, and know that for $20 you are going come away with not one, but an entire menagerie of items.

Seaside Vintage, like New Brighton, is a bloody hidden gem. Get amongst it. Tell them Bonjela sent you.

– Bonjela x


105 New Brighton Mall

New Brighton

Monday – Friday 10-5pm

Saturday 10-4pm

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